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Walrus Cloudy

...now it's clear

Ryan- Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike
1 January 1980
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I've done quite a few different things in my life... I've worked for an ISP as tech support, I've made tacos, I've been a directory assistance operator, I'm an ex-Disney cast member, I've also worked at Universal Studios EscapeOrlando, I've worked for two of the top three US discount retail chains, I've sold books, and I've worked several different call center jobs. Oh, yeah, I've also delivered pizzas, worked in a toy store, been security at a night club, and worked in business credit account management.

The last 5 songs I listened to on my computer:

The weather in my location is lovely, every day.

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My emergency contact information has been posted Privately as the first entry chronologically in my journal, for emergency use by the LiveJournal Abuse team.
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