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Meaningful posts are quite rare from me, so I'll try to make this one short so you don't die of shock.

Me == jobless. However, I'll be starting a new job with InterCall at their Lenexa, KS call center on Monday, May 22nd, where I will be a teleconferencing operator. They have a planned schedule of raises (with additional training and responsibilities) after every two months, so in approximately 8 months I'll be back to making what I did at Citi Cards. Actually, I'll be making a little more. Until then, I get to be bored at home (and yelled at when I sleep in).

School is, well, bleh. I have issues lately with completing my threaded discussions, and the person who decided that online message boards are a valuable part of a college education should be psychoanalyzed. Other than that, I guess I'm mostly on-schedule to graduate sometime next year with a BS in Network and Communications Management.

We've recently started cooking more often; that is, using fresh ingredients. If anyone has any favorite healthy recipes they'd like to share, I'd welcome any contributions. Mat lost a little steam on the WeightWatchers thing, so we definitely need to keep it healthy and low-cal/low-fat. It's not a no-carb thing, so rice and pasta and so-forth are fine.
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