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A Complete Guide to World of Warcraft

by Ahka

Level 60 Tauren Druid
Guild: Noxilite
Realm: Feathermoon

Weeell...that's a big question :) I can think of reasons to play and not to play everything.

How do you feel about multitasking? Love it? Play a druid, but *learn* to play your class because you will suck like no other class can if you dont. Also be prepared to be the most misunderstood and hypothetical class. People will generally assume that you are either godlike in every form, or worthless. It's like those college shower heads what spit out flames or ice but nothing inbetween.

Like healing? consider a preist. Shadow form is great, but expect to earn the respect of your raid if you want to use it, and did I mention you should like to hela? A lot?

Want to be able to take a lot of punishment before you go down? Go for a warrior. But remember that you will be nerfed, all the time, to counteract weapons that you dont own. Also hordeside you're a dime a dozen :D

Cant decide between a hunter or a mage, or just love DoTs? Play a warlock. You'll have to learn to like summoning people in though, even when they are lazy. Also, your damage spells take time to run their course, so be prepared to use fears wisely or the enemy will find you to be quite squishy.

Want damage? Play a mage. But remember- that's all you get, and when your mana bar is down, it's evocate and pots for you. Oh, and if you unload at your full potential, mobs will look at you hard and you'll die, or people like me will target you from stealth and find you squishy ;3

Dont like finding groups much and just want to get to 60? Play a hunter. Easy grind, and fun in endgame. Most of your gear will be green for a long time though just because of how Agility is doled out, you'll have to compete with *a lot* of other hunters for raid spots if you are alliance, and warriors will roll on that spiffy flaming crown thing you get.

Want to heal but maybe some combat and survivability? Play a paladin. But remember the joke "A warrior drifts into a bar. He laughs and says "I fought 100 men, and 70 died." A paladin stood up and boasted "Oh yeah? Well I fought a hundred men and *nobody* died!"..also us horde types will make fun of you. We cant help it its genetic or something.

Like the idea of a paladin but need more damage and more emphasis on spellpower, or just want to play something special and horde? Play a shaman! Nerf Shaman. But be prepared to heal in groups regardless of how pwnzoring your shocks are, because if it heals it's a mini preist and that's what you'll be wanted to do many many times.

Espionage and ruthlessness fun? Love to gank? Play a rogue! Just remember that you have like no armor even though you wear leather, you're a high priority target, you *will* pull aggro and die if you unload, and there are a ton of you so raid spots will be hard to come by.

Alliance races

Human. Wellp..you''re one, so you can probably identify more with it. Also, the abilities are nice. But..a more bland choice one could not make.

Gnomes. Awsome awsome dialect hitch and technofascination, lots of potential for RP, but, every asshat moron that plays aliance inevitably chooses to play something like a gnome because they are also hard to target, and they are just not taken seriously. From what I've seen there are far more gnomes that make me want to shred than gnomes I find inspiring.

Elves. Well, they're elves, and all the standard trappings apply. Nice racials, good lore...but common as roaches in New York City. Your ears will clip with things, so if clipping issues bother you, stay away.

Dwarves. Ale! Accent! Humor! Dwarves rock! just get used to being a stunty and put in the effort it takes to find an outstanding group of other dwarves like the Boomstick Gang. unfortunately I've heard that's dwindling and the dwarfy haunts are fading out, but I'll need more confirmation on it.

Horde Races

Kick ass dance on the males, neat tusks, neat hair, awsome lore.Your city is, however, a mudhole. Literally. And I may as well mention this about all the horde races but I'm only gonna type it once- there is a neglect issue with the developers. Dont expect a series of carved statues and npc dialog to immerse you in the barrens- read the quest dialog, it's all you get.

Suprisingly underplayed, especially females. Awsome racials, but male orcs end up looking rather square and female orcs an be mistaken for trolls sometimes.

Neat background, rather open so you can do what you want to fill in your own story so long as you build off of what's there. Lots of undead though, and your knees and shoulders will end up bugging you if you're 90% of the forsaken I know. Also, most forsaken RP is rather emo or confused.

My favorite. Great lore, best starting zone in the game, killer racials, neat class picks. On the downside players are human and will thusly refer to you as a cow no matter how many times it occurs to you that humans would look amazingly like apes from a tauren perspective- and no dont ask forsaken if they threw poo in life it doesnt end well :/ Also, you're HUGE. You wont notice it after a while, or ever if it's your first (All 'yall are short :P ) but you're a giant target, especially with those warrior pvp shoulders.

And lastly...

Horde- underdogs, but tight knit and friendly. PvP runs like water, endgame raiding can be tough as not many guilds have made it to BWL.

Alliance- Established environment, but so big that you'll be lost in a sea of names. Possibly literally if you have lag issues. PvP matches can be hours in between, but many guilds do very high end raiding, so you may stand a better chance of getting phat lewtz.
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