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Drama magnet? - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Drama magnet?
Anyone reading this should have already figured out by now that I'm gay. The stereotypical gay man is associated with a great deal of what is generally known as "drama," also called "emotional baggage" and "Oh no you din't (just go there)!" I consider myself generally drama-free; I don't have ex-boyfriends hanging around still trying to get with me, I don't have an overbearing family or annoying friends. What I do have, however, is co-workers who think they're still in high school (or was that middle school?)

My workplace has been so full of petty drama shit over the past two weeks that I could swear it's like a high school cheerleader get-together. People have been whining about the stupidest things, twisting each others' words, just making stuff up out of whole cloth, and otherwise being generally annoying. One person today on the team next to mine went whining to her manager because she wasn't invited to participate in decorating the manager's desk for the holiday contest. Another person, on my team, went whining to my manager because she (the manager) spends too much time at the other end of our row of desks socializing with the employees down there, nearer to the manager's desk, instead of being equitable and spending time with everyone evenly.

I don't need this crap. Not in the slightest. My job is annoying and stressful enough without people making up imaginary shit to whine, complain, and bitch about.

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