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Why doesn't the government just give us all permanent homes? - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Why doesn't the government just give us all permanent homes?
So I said I'd post more often...

We just finished moving. Finished, in the sense that everything of value has been removed from the old residence and placed in the new, though almost none of it is where it belongs or available to use. Next begins the task of unpacking. Part of that is finding a proper place for everything, and putting everything in its proper place. I'm tired of living in a pigsty, and I won't allow the new apartment to get that way.

Is there anyone on the planet that actually likes moving? Moving sucks in ways that I can't even begin to describe, and we only had a two-bedroom apartment. I couldn't imagine self-moving an entire house, and God forbid we should have children and try to DIY-move. The cats were bad enough. We're not moving again, ever. Well, yes we are, because I'm not paying rent for the rest of my life; but the next time we move it'll be into a house.

It's only 9:50, but I'm soooooo tired. *sigh*

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