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Cunt cake - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Cunt cake
Why exactly do I have a journal? I never freakin' use it. I've had so much CRAP going on that I could have journaled about, but I haven't done it. I've had e-mails in my inbox that I should have been replying to or otherwise taking action on for at least a week, too. I'm really bad about that.

Summer term starts next week. I have an online class, for which I need to log in at least 3 different days to write at least one substantative post in each of three threaded discussion assignment topics (TDA's). I call them "dreaded discussions." This is in addition to any homework/quizzes/tests/research papers/etc. assigned as part of normal coursework. The on-site courses (especially those in accelerated format) are also transitioning to use more of the eCollege/TDA format. Whee. </sarcasm>

We saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith yesterday. Pretty good for a movie that requires that level of "suspension of disbelief." My only gripe is that they didn't actually tie up the loose end(s) of the story line, but they'd really written themselves into a corner anyway. Kind of like Robert Jordan, who will never finish the Wheel of Time series.

I'm definitely getting into the whole Battlegrounds thing in World of Warcraft. This is about the time that Mat is getting a bit burned out on the game, so we reactivated our DragonRealms accounts. Wow, I'm getting link-happy. This has caused a bit of dissent, because I've been wandering off to do my own thing a bit more lately than I had been, and it doesn't make for happy boyfriends when I don't tell them what I plan on doing before I just wander away.

Whee, I'm tired of typing now.

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