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Another year comes to a close... - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Another year comes to a close...
... and I still don't update my journal on a regular basis.

I guess there just hasn't been very much that I've wanted to put down in writing lately. We had a nice Christmas, and my birthday is coming up (whee), along with my 1st anniversary at Citi Cards. I've been visting the library a lot lately... I've been in a reading mood, and it's free (unlike Borders).

We haven't been to the grocery store in like, a month. This means we've been eating out almost every day for the past week or so. We had Greek last night from a local restaurant, but I wasn't very hungry so my gyro is still in the fridge. Cute Greek boy was there behind the counter again. Mmm. :)

We've been playing World of Warcraft a lot lately. We've even suspended our DragonRealms accounts because of it... though it's also a financial decision. DR is $39.95 a month for each of us, WoW is only $14.95 each. I was playing a Night Elf warrior, but now my main character is a Gnome mage. He's so short. :)

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