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I really need to use this thing more often... - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
I really need to use this thing more often...
It's been forever (again) since I posted a real update, so there's quite a bit that I could talk about...

Mat and I finally started college, at DeVry University Kansas City. I'm in NCM (Network and Communications Management), and Mat is in the CIS program (Computer and Information Systems). We're doing the night/weekend accelerated thing, which means that we go once a week to each class for about 3 hours, and there's significant study time expected at home, as well as participation in online threaded discussions for some classes. Each "session" is only 8 weeks long, which means that we're not stuck with just crap gen-ed subjects forever and a day.

I'm still working at CitiCards, and Mat is working at American National Insurance, in the same office building as Bill. Yesterday at school, though, we saw a posting online for a full-time admissions assistant postion at DeVry. The good thing about that position would be that you get free tuition as long as you're a full-time employee. Like, wow. That would be almost $50,000 in tuition assistance if you stayed employed for your full three-year BS program. We're debating on whether or not to apply, and whether Mat or I should, or both of us. Right now, we're leaning toward Mat applying, since I do get $5000 per calendar year tutition assistance from Citibank, and Mat doesn't get anything from ANI.

Going to college is both easier and more difficult than I expected. I thought perhaps the material would be more difficult, but it's not really that complicated. The hard part is finding the time during the week to study adequately and still have time for what passes for my life. For example, we bought the next Saiyuki DVD on Thursday, but we haven't yet had a chance to even start watching it... and that's unusual. We usually rip open an anime DVD and start watching it immediately after getting home. *shrug* Time management has never been one of my better skills, and now I know it's something I need to work on.

I hope I get incentive pay on my paycheck at the end of this month. I don't really think I will, though, since there were several people on the team that collected more per hour than I did during October. Still, it doesn't really hurt to hope.

I'll write more later, perhaps... it's time to get ready for English class.

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