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*sigh* - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
First day back at work since taking Monday and Tuesday off sick. Turns out I'm not as 'better' as I thought, as I'm losing my voice again. I asked my manager if there were any activities off the phone that needed doing, and he said he couldn't think of anything... so he went around and asked all the other managers if they had anything, and nobody did. So, I'm sort of stuck on the phone today when it would be much nicer not to have to talk.

I thought briefly about leaving early, but I've missed enough time this week, and I'm out of paid sick time. The money situation is bad enough without me missing time; I'll live, so I guess I'll stay my normal time. The prescription the doctor gave me for decongesting my head fucked with my stomach, so I can't take it.

I ate my sandwich early today, since I was stupid and didn't make breakfast (I wasn't hungry then), so now it's lunch time and I'm already out of food. Whee.

I guess I'll go back to my desk now, my lunch is over in about 5 minutes or so.

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