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Work is Fun - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Work is Fun
So like, today, I was at work, and I had to go get change, and I totally got run over by a tourist. </valleygirl> Okay, not exactly run over... but the car was parked, and it BACKED UP INTO ME. Hit my leg with the bumper. I was pissed. She drove away, I started to cross the street, and another car full of fucking tourists (They were from an M state, I think it was Mississippi) goes down the street at like 40 MPH (the speed limit is 25), and almost runs me over again.

Then, they lean out of the car (the windows were open) and shout "Watch where you're going!" I shouted back, "Why don't you FUCKING GO HOME, YOU FUCKING TOURISTS!" They probably didn't hear me very well, as they were still going about 40. I stomped off down the street towards the change machine talking to myself very loudly about how "all the FUCKING TOURISTS should GO THE FUCK HOME and GET OUT OF MY TOWN before I KILL ONE OF THEM. Jesus Fucking Christ!"

So then I go back to work, and these people were waiting for me at the door, and they were like "We've been waiting for 15 minutes!" I let them in, they breeze through the store and out again in less than 5 minutes, without buying anything. Why wait so long to get into a store if you're not going to BUY ANYTHING!

Then this guy buys a $12.95 book. He gives me a 20, then says "hold on, I've got two singles." He proceeds to hand me another $2. I give him a look. He doesn't react. So, okay, I press "2200 cash" and proceed to give him his $9.05 back. He still didn't get it all the way out the store. Basic math, folks.

*grumble* and there was so much trash at the end of the courtyard... and all the cardboard boxes were SOGGY. Eww.

Now I'm home, Mat's in an odd mood, and we're going to watch something anime now.

Current Mood: awake

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