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Boyfriends. - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
You know, if there's one thing I hate more than just about anything else, it's fighting with my boyfriend. He and I are having this major hissy-fit over, really, nothing at all. Or maybe it is something, I dunno.

For those of you who don't know us, basically five months ago, he had never been to Florida and I'd never been to Delaware. We met online (in DR), fell in love, you know the whole cliche thing. So, I pack my bags and move up there to be with him. The whole time I'm up there, I'm trying very hard not to complain about missing my friends, family, and familiar surroundings, and I never once said "I want to go home."

Five months go by, I want to go see my family for a week and a half. We drive down. He's here less than twenty-four hours, and has already called one of his friends to say "I hate it here, Florida sucks."

Do you think it's unreasonable for me to ask him to spend a week in my hometown after spending five months in his? So it's not snowing here. Big deal. I'd like to know what he can do in Delaware that he can't do here - except, of course, to see his friends, but for God's sake, it's only a week!

*sigh* I shouldn't be judgemental, he and I react differently to the same circumstances, but still, I find myself resenting his unwillingness to accept/deal/tolerate just for a week.

Anyway, I hope he and I work this out before bedtime, or it'll be like sleeping next to an icicle.

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