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The Internet Has It Out For Me - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
The Internet Has It Out For Me
First, I get up and there's an email in my box from Netscape. Their new version is available, Netscape 7.1. I use Netscape, so I said, okay, I'll upgrade. I spend about ten minutes downloading and installing, and it bombs every time I start it. So, I uninstall and try again, same thing. I uninstall again, delete the directory itself (coz there were some files left over) and try again... but this time, my DSL connection is dead. *mutter*

So I wait a while and try again, and it turns out somehow it had reset to my old username and password from the last DSL account I had, before Verizon fucked up and deleted me. So I had to go through account setup again, because I couldn't remember the fucked-up vz1w6hzlq (something like that) username they gave me.

Now I'm done, and I've got to go to Milford to get Edina's oil changed, otherwise we might void the extended warranty for which we're paying a thousand dollars. After that, I get to do laundry, and then I OPEN in the morning, which means I get to go to bed at like midnight or 1. Isn't life great?

Current Mood: cranky cranky
Current Music: BoA - Every Heart (English Version)

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