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Work rant (long) - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Work rant (long)
I am SO furious, and my thoughts are all in a jumble, but I'll try to put it down coherently.

I'm home for lunch, from work, but I don't really know if I'm going to go back. I left the store in a fairly violent rage, because I was so infuriated. I am so underpaid, underappreciated, and so taken advantage of, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. I get paid exactly 25¢ more per hour than I was as a cashier, for about sixteen thousand times more responsibility, duties, trouble, aggravation, resentment, backstabbing, and a host of other things.

I have customers complaining to me about the STUPIDEST things, associates whining because their break is 5 minutes late, managers harassing me over unnecessary and trivial company programs, and not nearly enough help at any given time. We're short cashiers, service desk associates, layaway associates, sales-floor associates, and people greeters. Who gets to take up the slack? You guessed it. For 25¢ more an hour! Yay.

I have associates who won't listen to the simplest of directions, customers who aren't CAPABLE of listening to those directions, and managers who don't care about either of the above.

If I'm supposed to be a supervisor, let me supervise. Don't tell me to say one thing, then change your mind when the associate complains to you, so I look like a fool. Stick by your word, and maybe you'd manage to hold on to some of your employees.

I get paid exactly one penny more than one of the associates at the service desk. If you're going to pay me at the service desk rate, then put me at the fucking service desk. DON'T try to make me do all the extra work for nothing.

If Carvel would pull his head out of his ass and actually start running the store, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But everyone, customers and associates both, knows they can get away with anything they want at the Rehoboth Beach Wal-Mart, because all they have to do is say "Carvel, this" and "Carvel, that" and they get what they want. Funny how it never seems to work for me.

Why put a red vest on me if it doesn't mean anything? If the associates aren't going to listen to my directions, take my advice, or let me help them, why should I bother? Same thing with the customers. Why have employees if we can't help the customers?

I was trying to use the fucking Line Rusher thing about which Carvel's been harping on us for weeks. I'm trying to scan a lady, and she's got a bunch of clearance stuff. IF THE DAMN DEPARTMENT MANAGERS WOULD PUT IT IN THE SYSTEM RIGHT, WE WOULDN'T HAVE HALF THE CUSTOMER HASSLES WE DO AT THE FRONT END. I scan her stuff, it all comes up wrong (it's all tagged). I can't price override using the Line Rusher scanner, so I tell her that this, that, and the other thing have to be scanned by the cashier. She's fine with that. Then the cashier takes the items and the line rusher card, scans the card, and promptly presses the wrong button so the register screams at her to scan the exceptions (things that I didn't get with the scanner gun beforehand). I tell her "Let me show you how to do exceptions", and she snaps at me "I know what I'm doing!" "No, you don't, you just did it wrong. Let me show you how." So I do the first part for her, and she's ready to do the exceptions. I go to the next customer to pre-scan her, and suddenly I hear "No, it should be LESS than THAT." I turn around, and it seems the cashier didn't actually override any of the prices for the clearance stuff that rang up wrong the first time around. I go over and say "Susanna, did you check the prices against the tags on the item?" I hit the key on the register to print a copy of the receipt so I can see what she did. "Ryan, I always check the price," she says in an annoyed voice. According to the receipt, she had failed to override the items. "No, Susanna, you didn't do the overrides." I pointed to the $3.00 tag on the item that scanned $6.96. "Oh, you did that one." "No, Susanna, I didn't. If I had, it would have been IN THE BAG already." "Oh," she said. Then the customer says "CAN WE FORGET THE STUPID CARD, and just SCAN MY ITEMS OVER AGAIN?" I'm already trying to deal with a stubborn cashier, then the customer just HAS to chime in. I bit my tongue (visibly), stalked off, and when I'm out of direct eyesight of the situation, I threw the $1,500 Telxon down to the carpet by softlines. Hard. It made me feel better (Thank gods they're practically indestructible.) Though, not as much better as the satisfaction of shoving the damn Line Rusher Telxon up Carvel's ass.

About five minutes later, I had a lady ask me where the kitchen stuff was. It's all over the store, so I asked her to be more specific. "No, because if I tell you what I want, you'll say you don't have it." I'm like, "Ma'am, it's all over the store, you've got to give me some sort of direction to go by. Let's walk together and I'll help you find it." She said, "No, don't do that, just tell me where the linens are." LINENS? That's not kitchen stuff!!! So I ask her, "Well, what kind of linens?" She says, "LINENS! Just LINENS!" I said, "TABLE LINENS OR BED LINENS?!" She says "JUST FORGET IT, I'LL FIND IT MY FUCKING SELF!" and stalked off. Well, that just was the last straw, I took my keys, threw them halfways across the front of the store, said "I fucking quit!" and stormed off to the back to clock out. It was lunch time anyway... *shrug* I left the store in a rage, almost crying because I was so upset, but Cassandra stopped me. She must have been in the store to shop. I credit her with keeping me from committing Job Suicide, as I'll probably go back, after our conversation.

Well, lunch is ready... I guess, after I eat, I need to go back to work... Unfortunately, I need my job, and I think they know it. *deep, troubled sigh*

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