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Work sucks. So does carrying $180 worth of groceries up the stairs.… - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Work sucks. So does carrying $180 worth of groceries up the stairs.

Regarding that post in the DragonRealms community a few days ago, my characters have been bugging me all day. The part of me that is Kyananth kept trying to get me to draw a sword and start chopping heads, or cast Lightning Bolt, because everyone at work was being a dumbass. Fetherlan, on the other hand, kept trying to get me to go home because it wasn't worth the effort.

I'm having some real problems with the overnight assistant manager. It's not the way he treats me -- he's always perfectly mannerly when he speaks to me -- it's the way he treats the other associates. He seems to have a real problem with asking people to do things. He likes to give orders, and he's not very nice about it when he does.

I had to write a statement regarding one of the associates this evening. I asked him to go out and clear the parking lot of carts before he went home at 10 (which he's supposed to do anyway, that's his job), but when the manager (same one in the last paragraph) went outside at 10:15, there were still carts everywhere. So, I had to write down what I asked him to do, and then what was still in the cart shortly after he left.

I have to get ready for bed, since I have to be to work in seven hours. Kyan was hoping to spend some time with his new ... boyfriend? friend? whatever ... tonight, but since he's not online, I'll just have to tell Kyan to deal, he can see him tomorrow, so I can get some sleep.

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