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Oy. - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
That's the only word I can find to describe tonight at work. It went okay for a while... turns out that Peg was stamping hands and her girlfriend Eileen was doing coat check. So, we're sitting in there talking to Eileen for a while, going outside every once in a while to do a patrol in the parking lot. It worked out fine for the first couple of hours, then this big-ass fight starts in the parking lot, moves inside, goes back outside... blah.

Anyway, we ended up not making our nightly Wawa stop, because that's where all the guys who were fighting always go after the club... so I'm hungry, and I have to go out in the snow to go up to the Wal-Mart in Milford (half an hour away, and the only 24-hour one around) to get some stuff we need before we go on vacation, and I'm running off at the mouth because it's late and I'm sleepy and I didn't even talk about the new digital camera the boyfriend and I bought tonight and I think I'm just going to stop typing now.

Current Mood: drained drained
Current Music: none, Mat's trying to sleep

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