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We've come up with a few ideas for our new game, but we still need to… - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
We've come up with a few ideas for our new game, but we still need to pick a programming language/server software. Anyone out there tried this before, and have any advice?

For Rob, from us:
Futari de hitotsu ni narou
Okubyouna nami no ho mo dakishimete
Bokura wa tabi wo tsuzukeru
Dekiau sukima owari nai yume
Niji wo tsukinuketa
Yakusoku no hikari wo mezasu

Bokura wa doko made yukou
Futari no mirai ima sasuratte
Bokura wa tabi o tsuzukeru
Eien no arika owari nai yume
Kono te o hanasazu oikakete ikitai zutto

For those of you that don't speak Japanese (like me -- not my translation, don't blame me):
Let the two of us become one
Embrace the fruit of the cowardly wave, too
We will continue this journey
We embrace each other in a crevice of this unending dream
We broke through the rainbow
Now we aim for the light of a promise

Let's go until we get somewhere
Two people's futures are now wandering
We will continue this journey
In the unending dream that will always be there
I always want to go and pursue my separated hand

Anyway, it's time for me to get ready for work.

Current Mood: peaceful peaceful
Current Music: ßÓô¹öÒÖî - Aikawa Nanase - Owarinai Yume

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