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Okay, I'm out babysitting my boyfriend's two younger siblings,… - Walrus Cloudy
...now it's clear
Okay, I'm out babysitting my boyfriend's two younger siblings, Zachary (10) and Brianna (8). They have a bird. Brianna scares the bird off his cage (they let him sit on top) and it wanders around on the floor and eats half of a check and permission slip for school. I pick the bird up, and put the papers on the table so their mother can write them a new one.

Later on, Zachary's playing with the bird, and it falls off the cage. He doesn't pick it up, I don't pick it up, and it wanders over and eats some corners off his Harry Potter trading cards lying on the floor. Boy throws a MAJOR hissy-fit, starts screaming, and picks up the bird. I'm like, too surprised to move. He then, with very little warning, hurls the bird up against his cage, a distance of about six feet.

I'm never having kids.

Later on, after his time-out in his room, he has the audacity to "DEMAND" that someone buy him new cards! Right in the middle of telling him that if he behaves over the next few times I sit, I'd put in a good word with his aunt to buy him a few new cards. *snort* Child's full of himself, and there's no mistake. It's a pity I'm not quite physically strong enough to pick him up and smack his bottom - if he struggled, I'd end up with an elbow in the balls or something.

Oh, and he said that his cards being eaten was punishment enough. I told him, take care of your things properly, don't leave them lying around, and they won't be damaged.

Never, ever, having kids.

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